Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Create Article for your Business?

If you started a home business or internet business the only way you will get exposure is to promote it and a very tested and proven way to do this is through the use of writing articles. Articles or content is very powerful and many good things can be done with good content. People everywhere Online need and want good content.There are many placed to put your article content Online so here are some tips about writing articles:1. Have a clever title that captures attention and entices your readers to click on your article. Make sure your title is very keyword targeted or what people might type into Google looking for your topic.2. Organize your article so that it is easy to read. Most people who look for information Online are not rocket scientist so the better plainer English you can write the better. Also make sure your paragraphs are evenly spaced and they are not too long so it becomes more difficult to read. Make each paragraph 3-5 sentences.3. Provide good information to the reader. The better you can communicate good information to your readers that are relevant and up to date the more apt they will be to want to learn more about you.4. Set your articles up so they follow an easy reading. For example, you should have a beginning, body, and conclusion. The beginning gets the reader ready for what you are about to tell them, the body is where you tell them what you want to tell them, and the conclusion is summarizing what you just told them. SimpleA good way to get topics for discussion is by browsing popular Online forums in your industry or niche. People are always asking questions and looking for solutions to problems. You can get many ideas and write articles centered around those addressing important issues.4. There are many great things to do with articles. Get exposure, get popular in your market, be knows as an expert, promote your products, review products, promote your websites.Promoting your websites is a great way for long term traffic and revenue. Most of the highly sought after traffic is free traffic for the search engines. You can use articles for valuable back links to your websites and increase your ranking for your most popular keywords.What would it do to your business if you could be on page one in Google for the best keywords? Articles can help you get there. Not only with submitting to article directories and e zines but also to free blog networks for a ton of free back links. The more back links you have the higher you rank for your keywords.You should learn more about getting back links to your websites by writing good articles. With enough effort you will see massive results in the search engines like Google and watch your revenue grow.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to Increase your Income in Adsense

Adsense experts boost adsense income with effective keyword research. It is not far-fetched to say that keyword research should be an integral part of the overall strategy for anyone hoping to build a steady income using Adsense. Here are some powerful keyword research tips to boost adsense income: Boost Adsense Income Tip 1 – Use Keyword Tools There are many keywords tools both free and paid to research for profitable keywords. Frankly, people have managed with free tools, but it takes much longer and is more tedious. However, for a beginner, it is a great way to get dirty with keyword research. The most popular free online keyword research tools like: 1. Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool Go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal 2. Overture Keyword Tool Go to http://inventory.overture.com 3. WordTracker Go to http://www.wordtracker.com/free-trial.html (Free Trial) 4. NicheBot NicheBot and WordTracker have paid versions too which are more powerful and reveals a lot more about the keywords you are researching. Another free windows-based tool which I personally love is GoodKeywords. If you are looking for most robust tools, try KeywordElite or even SEOElite. Boost Adsense Income Tip 2 – Compile a Master Keyword List Target 5 to 10 keywords for your Adsense website to optimize for. Do a quick check with the Overture Keyword Tool. Run the main keyword relevant to your website and find at least 5 secondary keywords that have more than 1000 searches every month. Boost Adsense Income Tip 3 – Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords Optimizing your website for long-tail keywords can boost adsense income by a great measure. Avoid extremely competitive keywords like ‘make money’, ‘internet marketing’ or ‘credit repair’. Go for long-tail keywords like ‘make money for retirees’, ‘internet marketing for beginners’ or ‘credit repair tips’. Aim for keywords with less than 2 million search results and less than 3000 searches when in quotes. These are keywords that are not as competitive but yet have a moderate demand. Your website would be able to score well in the search engines, and optimization would be much easier. Boost Adsense Income Tip 4 – Steal from Competitors This is quite blackhat but is an extremely powerful secret used to bypass hours of research. a. Type in your main keywords in the Google search engine. b. Copy down the URL of the top 10 search results at Google. c. Visit the No.1 site and go to your internet browser, under the ‘View’ feature, click on ‘Page Source’. Copy the keywords in the keyword meta-tags and paste onto a notepad file. d. Repeat this for all the websites. Essentially, in website architecture, the meta-tags are critical for your overall SEO. Webmasters, especially the top experts would stuff the meta-tags with keywords they are optimizing for. They should have done enough in-depth keyword research to rank well in the search engines. These keywords should be worth gold to you. Boost Adsense Income Tip 5 – Litmus Test Your Target Keywords This is a quick gunshot method to know what kind of competition are you up against. The following webpage allows you to browse the Google PageRank of the top 10 websites displayed in Google. http://www.SEOChat.com/seo-tools/pagerank-search If the first 5 web pages have a PageRank of 5 and above, this particular keyword could be tough to achieve a good ranking.

Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Tips to Success Doing Promotion on Facebook

The things you should know for doing business on Facebook:
1. Fan page - Facebook had personal profiles and groups from the start, but a few months ago they added to the function called fan pages and made them more business friendly. Any business on Facebook should create a fan page for their business and start optimizing additional content there. The cool thing about fan pages is that it’s now a lot like having another web site. You can add applications, newsletter sign-up pages and events and promote them to your friends on Facebook. When someone becomes a fan of your page, your updates on the page show up on their wall giving additional exposure.

2. Custom HTML - this one’s a little more technical but when you create a fan page you will see that your page comes with tabs for various categories of content you create (each tab has it’s own URL so you can promote each section on your fan page around the web). Using the Facebook Mark-up Language (FBML) you can create custom boxes of HTML content, like newsletter sign-up pages, blog RSS feeds, and white paper downloads just like you might on your web site.

3. Special content - Give your Facebook fans a little something extra they might not find on your blog or web site. Upload images from your PowerPoint presentations, articles from the local publication you contribute to, or on the fly videos created using the Facebook video application. You’re bound to find some crossover from other social networks like twitter, so give the Facebook users something unique. I know some people caution about reposting twitter here, but I think it’s perfectly fine. I get lots of comments from people who just happen to like to use Facebook more than twitter and this way they still get updates.

4. Events, videos and applications. Promote events, upload or record video, hold contests and polls. All of this extra engagement is so easy to do using pre-built tools. And don’t forget to integrate your Facebook activity back to your web site and blog using a Facebook Fan Box.

5. Ads for awareness - I think that Facebook has built one of the better ad targeting tools going. You can target ads to Facebook members on all kinds of criteria and run pretty low cost campaigns. The trick though is to run campaigns that are compelling and promote your FaceBook Fan Page instead of trying to sell something. Promote your white paper, events, and educational content - create awareness about your great content and your will get the chance to earn the trust it takes to actually sell something to someone.

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